• 65 type Hydraulic semi-automatic bottle blowing machine
  • 65 type Hydraulic semi-automatic bottle blowing machine
  • 65 type Hydraulic semi-automatic bottle blowing machine
  • 65 type Hydraulic semi-automatic bottle blowing machine

65 type Hydraulic semi-automatic bottle blowing machine

This model is suitable for products below 1-5 liters.
Linear guide structure I-beam lifting frame.
Hydraulic mold closing is stable and powerful, and the closing seam line is good.
The machine head is a central feed diversion lock machine head, and the product is smooth and has a good appearance.
The machine adopts linear guide structure, which is fast and stable.
The computer adopts PLC control, which is high-speed and stable.
  • 65 type Hydraulic semi-automatic bottle blowing machine
  • 65 type Hydraulic semi-automatic bottle blowing machine

Professional applicability: Shenghe’s 65-arm hydraulic fully automatic bottle blowing machine is specially designed for products with a capacity of 1-5 liters and can meet a variety of production needs. Whether it is fruit milk bottles, chemical bottles or daily necessities bottles, this machine can provide professional solutions.
Stable structural design: The beam structure using linear guide rail structure ensures the stability of the entire production process. This design not only improves the machine's operating accuracy, but also enhances the durability of the overall structure.
Powerful hydraulic clamping system: The machine is equipped with a powerful and stable hydraulic clamping system to ensure that the seam lines of the product are neat and uniform. This feature is critical to maintaining a consistent and beautiful product appearance.
Optimized feed head design: The design of the center feed head makes the product surface smoother and improves the appearance quality of the final product. This meticulous design consideration ensures the product's high-end feel and market appeal.
Efficient guide rail structure: The machine adopts a double linear guide rail structure to achieve stable and fast operation. The advantage of this structure is that it improves production efficiency while maintaining consistency in product quality.
Advanced control system: Equipped with a computer PLC control system to achieve a high-speed and stable production process. This high-tech control system makes operation easier while improving production efficiency and product quality.
Precise stress point design: Precise stress points are designed in the center of the machine's large plate to ensure precise and neat seam lines. This design detail reflects the strict control of product quality.

Die head Largest products volume production 5L
Single mode the most big modulus straight head 120mm
Diameter double die head center distance 60-150mm
Three die center distance 50-90mm
Four die center distance 50-70mm
Die heating section number 5
Die heating power 100-1000
System combining a model Clamping force 180-240
Clamping stroke 380-440
Drive travel 260
Mould thickness
Extrusion system The screw diameter 65
The screw length to diameter ratio 25L/D1
HDPE extrusion amount
Screw motor power 7.5KW
Screw heating section number 4
Screw the heating power 8.1
power The oil pump motor power 5.5KW
Oil pump drive power
The servo motor power
Maximum total power 12KW
Blow air pressure 0.6-0.8
Air emissions
The average energy consumption 108
Cooling water pressure
Water consumption of cooling water
computer PLC touch screen
The basic specifications Machine dimension
Machine weight 3T

Product Diversity
Product Diversity
Shenghe Machinery offers semi-hydraulic, fully hydraulic, and fully automatic bottle blowing machines, covering a wide range from 0.5 mL to 1000 L, meeting diverse industry needs.
International Sales Network
International Sales Network
The company's products are sold globally, including in Outer Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Mexico, demonstrating a strong international market presence.
High-Quality Key Components
High-Quality Key Components
Utilizing high-quality components such as Guomao reducer, variable frequency speed regulation, Zhoushan Lichao screw, ensures product performance and reliability.
Multiple production lines
Multiple production lines
In addition to bottle blowing machines, the company focuses on manufacturing PET bottle blowing machines and pure water production lines, expanding its product range.
Frequently Asked Questins
How big is the bottle blowing machine?
Type 55/65/75/80/90/110/120
What size products can each model of the blow molding machine produce?
Model 55 can produce less than 1 liter, 65 can produce less than 5 liters, 75 can produce less than 10 liters, 80 can produce less than 12 liters, and 90 can produce less than 25 liters.
Mass production time and delivery time
40-60 days, different products have different production cycles
About payment terms
When we quote, we will explain to you the transaction method, FOB price, CIF price and other pricing methods. We will pay 30% of the advance payment during production and the balance will be settled before shipment.
Product after-sales and service period
If there is a problem with the product, there is a one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance.
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