Q1:How big is the bottle blowing machine?
Type 55/65/75/80/90/110/120

Q2:What size products can each model of the blow molding machine produce?
Model 55 can produce less than 1 liter, 65 can produce less than 5 liters, 75 can produce less than 10 liters, 80 can produce less than 12 liters, and 90 can produce less than 25 liters.

Q3:How many people are there in the company and how much is the turnover?
Our company has 40 people, including 20 people in the purchasing department and 10 people in the operations department. The annual revenue is 200 million.

Q4:Mainly where is the market?
Our current markets are in the Middle East, South Africa, and South America. Russia, five Central Asian countries, etc. and other markets

Q5:What are the application industries of blow molding machines?
Mainly used in fruit milk bottles, pesticide bottles, 84 disinfectant, etc. involving pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum, food, lighting, tools, automobiles, daily chemicals, shoemaking, toys and other industries

Q6:What raw materials are used for Shenghe bottle blowing machine?
It can mainly blow mold hollow products made of different materials such as PP, PE, TPV, PETG, EVA, etc., and provides complete processing technology.

Q7:What are the advantages of blow molding machines?
It adopts imported linear guides, dual working stations, fast mold moving speed and good stability.

Q8:The machine has that mode
The machine has two modes: semi-automatic and fully automatic.

Q9:What are the functions of blowing?
The air blowing function has two blowing functions: direct insertion type and oblique insertion type.

Q10:Mass production time and delivery time
40-60 days, different products have different production cycles

Q11:About payment terms
When we quote, we will explain to you the transaction method, FOB price, CIF price and other pricing methods. We will pay 30% of the advance payment during production and the balance will be settled before shipment.

Q12:Product after-sales and service period
If there is a problem with the product, there is a one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance.

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